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Antenna array

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Nicolay Anatolyevich Osavchuk, Senior Scientist of Theoretical Radio Engineering Department MAI (Moscow), Candidate of Science in technics.

Analysis of the jamming resistance of an air target acquisition and tracking radar at the initial operation stage in case of jamming

Published: 07/19/2011
Language: russian
Speciality: 05.12.14 — Radiolocation and radionavigation
Type: Candidate dissertation in technical sciences
Scientific coordinator: Vasily Nikolaevich Yudin, Professor, Doctor of Science in technics
Defended at: Moscow Aviation Institute (State Technical University), Moscow
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The aim of the thesis is to develop methods for analyzing the radar operation stability at the initial stage, to detect possible failures in radar functionality at the initial stage of its operation in case of self-protection jamming.

The scientific originality of the thesis consists in the following:

The techniques of obtaining quantitative assessments for the jamming resistance of an air target acquisition and tracking radar at the initial stage of its operation in case of masking and imitative jamming with the help of a set of probability, time and space characteristics and based on the mathematical methods of the Markov chain theory have been developed.
The technique of assessing the average number of false trajectories created with the help of imitative jamming based on representing the radar computer system as a congestion queueing system that takes into account the limit of radar tracking channels and makes it possible to assess the probability of choosing the trajectory of the true target (the protected aircraft) for tracking among the set of all detected trajectories and also the probability of failure to acquire the protected aircraft for tracking if the radar is affected by imitative jamming has been offered.
The quantitative assessments of the jamming resistance of a typical modern air target acquisition and tracking radar at the initial stage of its operation have been obtained by means of analytical methods and also imitative modeling methods.
The control algorithms for the energy parameters of noise, imitative and combined imitative-and-noise jamming making it possible to provide the indiscernability of the true and false targets have been synthesized.
Recommendations concerning the types of radar jamming based on the retaliatory preemptive principle have been formulated. The types of retaliatory preemptive jamming are determined taking into account the information the active jammer has about the parameters of the probe radiation of the radar.

The practical value of the results comes down to the fact that they make it possible to perform a quantitative assessment of the characteristics of jamming that result in the failure of the radar to perform its basic functions at the initial stage of its operation and to put forward technically implementable proposals concerning the tasks of jamming air target acquisition and tracking radars. The methods developed in this thesis can be applied in practice for working out the measures of increasing the stability in the operation of radars in case of jamming and also for developing the means of radar jamming resistance.

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