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Antenna Array

Antenna array

Complex directional antenna consists of separate near-omnidirectional antennas (radiating elements) positioned in the space and driven by high-frequency …

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Associate professor of Rostov State University, Candidate of Science in physics and mathematics.

Professor of the department of probability theory and applied mathematics of Moscow Technical University of Telecommunications and Informatics (Moscow), Doctor of Science in physics and mathematics.

Professor Emeritus of University of Illinois (MSEE ’64, PhD ’66), IL, U.S.

Professor, Main Scientist in the Institute of Numerical Mathematics of the RAS, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Honored Professor of the Air Force Engineering Academy named after Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovsky, Doctor of Science in physics and mathematics.

Professor in the Electrical Engineering department of the Pennsylvania State University. He is also the Director of the Electromagnetic Communication Laboratory, which is affiliated with the Communication and Space Sciences Laboratory of the EE Department.

Professor of the Chair of Mathematics of the Department of Physics of MSU (Moscow), Doctor of Science in physics and mathematics.

23/ 4/ 56all pages

GuidesArray Rectangular 0.2.14

GuidesArray Rectangular™ allows to execute quick engineering calculations of two-dimensional phased antenna arrays for rectangular waveguides on an electrodynamic level.


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